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Wedding and Brand Photographer

nestled in the heart of wisconsin, i am a

with a soft spot for tall swaying pines, lakeside vows, and clients who are undeniably and madly in love.

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i serve clients who are

inspired to craft a day that is uniquely their own and wander a bit off the beaten path. Brides who are down with windblown hair, lacing up their hiking boots, and the idea that a dirty hem makes for the best memories. Couples who believe that moments are what create a day of perfection. These are the people the people that make my heart skip a beat.

My philosophy is this: Life is made up of seasons, chapters, and moments. Some are bold and find their way to the spotlight, while others are understated and a bit muted. I believe all seasons of life are powerful and deserve to be documented. My current season? Raising a family, building up this dream business of mine, renovating our 100-year old farmhouse, and drinking bottomless cups of coffee to  (try and) accomplish it all. 

What does your season look like? Are you getting ready to marry the love of your life? Are you launching a new business that's been on your heart?  Are you settling in to the home of your dreams or off chasing big adventure? I want to walk alongside and document

 this chapter with you. Photography is about turning a feeling or a moment into something tangible. Something you can hold in your hands. My hope is for each and every image to transport you. To remind you of how you felt in the moments that embodied that season. In a way that will stand the test of time and allow for grandchildren to dust off images, be transported themselves, and look in awe of moments years passed. 

I’m glad you’re here to follow along, share your story with me, and hear a bit of my own. Stick around and you can expect a lot of heart-sharing, dream-chasing, and positivity-overload from this point forward. 

clients that are ready for a whole lot of this...


Amy and Joel hiked arm-in-arm through the tall pines and flowing streams up to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain . . .

Bill + Jessica

They surrounded themselves with their closest friends and family, exchanged vows in the heart of the orchard . . . 

Taylor + Michael

Happiness literally radiated from these two from the beginning moments of their day until they were spinning across the dance floor. . .

I'm equal parts...

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total homebody

adventure seeker

I'm a Pinterest-obsessed, coffee-drinking, Joanna Gaines wannabe. Most days you can find me chasing around a busy toddler, drafting up new plans for our 100 year-old farmhouse remodel, or cooking up a new recipe.

I challenge myself to create adventure in the ordinary, but am always dreaming of travel to faraway places. I'm all about camping under starry skies along the Lake Superior shoreline, but my bucket list includes: Alaska, New Zealand, Oregon, and more national parks than I can fit in this text box.

cozy nights in

venturing beyond

Put me in front of a crackling fire with a fresh book cracked open, an oversized sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks and I'll be my very happiest self. 

However- I've been known to enjoy a long hike through towering pines, some crisp mountain air, and exploring a new waterfall or two. 

wine with friends

beer by the fire

In my book - not much beats a glass of dry red wine, your closest gal pals, some belly laughs, and a solid night in. 

EXCEPT - an invitation to sit around a crackling campfire on a mid-summers night, a blue moon in hand (fresh orange slice, please), and the other laced with my sweet hubby's. 

let's make this magic together ⟼

imagine this...

it's just you and your fiance.

You're nestled up by a fire at your family cabin, lakeside, with only the stars to accompany your sweet conversation over hot cocoa and Blue Moon.

you begin dreaming up your perfect wedding day.

Family, friends, and twinkle lights. Windblown hair. Hiking boots for adventurous photography. Cozy moments for just the two of you.
A dirty hem from dancing and making memories...
and smiles you just can't wipe off your faces.

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