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FAQ | Creative Brand Photography

Creative Brand Photography.

“I’m a brand photographer”. 

*insert crickets here*

Creative Brand Photography FAQ: What is brand photography and how can it uplevel your creative business? #brandphotographer #creativebrandphotographre #wisconsinbrandphotographer #midwestbrandphotographer

I GET IT. Today I’m breaking it all for you so you can walk away with a better understanding of what it is I do, who I serve, and how I serve them (or YOU). Let’s dive right on in!

What is ‘brand photography’? 

Creative brand photography is different than any type of photography work that I do. It is the same in the sense that we’re telling a story through images, but different in the way that we’re telling the story of your business, what it stands for, and the person or people that bring this story to life.

What do I mean by “story?” Well, we work together to craft imagery that reflects not only your product offerings and the aesthetic of your business (i.e. “warm and welcoming” or “modern and sleek”), but also the heart and why behind you do what you do. Maybe you’re a floral designer for the adventurous bride, a yoga instructor with a passion for wellness and connection, or a shop owner who thrives on connecting with those who walk through her doors and making them feel welcomed. There is a reason that you wake up with the sun and put in hours that you do. We tap into that and highlight it in these images! The result? Clients and customers who feel more connected to you, more trusting of your brand, and more drawn to your offerings.

Bonus: With all this fresh content, your Insta feed and website imagery will be COHESIVE, professional, and you’ll look legitimate. If your market is saturated, this is the best way to stand out!

Who is creative branding photography for? 

Any creative business owner, entrepreneur, or boss lady who is:

  • feeling the social media burnout. Keeping up with content is downright exhausting.
  • ready to outsource and lessen the burden of her growing to-do list.
  • craving imagery that reflects her why
  • is ready to invest and uplevel her business
  • is needing a cohesive appearance across marketing platforms


When is the best time to have a creative branding session done?

When you can relate to the checkpoints listed above. Truly. This can be at any point in your business. Maybe you’re launching your creative business and wanting strong imagery from the beginning. Maybe you’re several years in, you’ve reached a ceiling, and you’re ready to break through it. Brand photography is about creating a visual experience for your clients or customers that directly translates into what they can expect from you. Every stage of business deserves this!

What if I don’t have a shop/studio space? 

Most of us don’t right?! This is where our consultation chatting comes in. We’ll work through different options to see what might fit your brand best. Options include on-site locations, AirBnb rentals, outdoor locations, studio rentals.


How does all of this work? 

Step 1: Say Hello

Once you fill out an inquiry form, I’ll learn a bit about your business and be in touch with pricing and package information. Ready to book? A signed contract and retainer and you’re on your way.

Step 2: Brand Discovery

This is the time to share the ins and the outs of you and your brand. A Pinterest vision board board guide and brand discovery questionnaire is sent your way so you can fill me in with all the details!

Step 3: Consultation

Pour that coffee! We’ll schedule a phone consultation or coffee date and craft the perfect session to highlight your business in an authentic way.

Step 4: Branding Shoot

We’ll meet and bring your vision to life! I’ll capture branded images that may include lifestyle headshots, on-location “behind the scenes”, styled product, anything else you envision representing your brand!a

Step 5: Gallery Delivery

1-2 weeks later – an online gallery of branded images arrives in your inbox ready to be shared with your dream clients and customers.


“I’m not sure if I’m in a place to invest in this. Tell me all about cost.

All of my packages and pricing information can be found here. New to my 2020 pricing? Payment plans! This means you’ll have the option to break the full payment of the ‘Start Up Package’ into 3 installments without additional cost!

There you have it, my fellow boss ladies. All the information you’ve been asking about ‘brand photography’ and what it would look like for your business. Have any questions or ready to chat through your vision? Head to the link HERE and let’s starting dreaming!

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