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Meet Emma: a talented (now East Coast) photographer. Also a plant mom with a deep-rooted love for baking + poetry. During our session consult, we talked a lot about which of these pieces of Emma she’d like to highlight. Ultimately, it was the latter. So often, business owners focus on the image of their business […]

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I have the most special place in my heart for lifestyle family sessions. Moms, dads, and little ones are relaxed and living life out as they would in their day-to-day. From running around the dining room in their socks to (in this case) chasing chickens in the backyard, I’m able to capture their lives at […]

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I’m finally home, settled in, and have finished processing the four days I spent at the Rad Photographers Retreat (put on by Christine of Natural Intuition Photo) last week. But given that it was an absolute dream and I’m not ready to let go quite yet, I’m going to relive it as I take you behind the […]

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It’s no secret that I often hibernate during the winter months and retreat indoors until the spring thaw. My husband can attest to this. So when Shiara reached out to me about a family shoot in December, I let out a little shiver as I agreed. I stumbled out of my den and met up […]

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Excited. Ready. Nervous. Anxious. Eager. Blessed. Very, very blessed…. These were all of the emotions we were feeling two weeks ago as we waited for Adelyn to arrive. Our little lady made us wait a couple days extra but she made her entrance on September 5th bright and early at 6:18 am. How are we […]

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Excited. Ready. Nervous. Anxious. Eager. Blessed. Very, very blessed. These are all the emotions I am flooded with as I sit here one day past my due date and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. With this extra time on my hands, it’s easy to find myself reflecting on how far we’ve come […]

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Meet Mackenzie. She is someone that I can relate to on so many levels (except her fashion sense is far superior, of course!). Mackenzie is a Midwest girl with a lust for travel and adventure of all sizes. I’m not talking about heading up north on the weekends or running off to spring break with […]

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