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Creative Brand Photography. “I’m a brand photographer”.  *insert crickets here* I GET IT. Today I’m breaking it all for you so you can walk away with a better understanding of what it is I do, who I serve, and how I serve them (or YOU). Let’s dive right on in! What is ‘brand photography’?  Creative brand photography is […]

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Northern Haus – you’ve likely heard about this buzzing new venue (and for good reason)! Nestled into the heart of Door County, Northern Haus is set on 30 acres and is a wonderfully neutral, but well-designed canvas. This past season I made my way to Door County to meet the owners/dreamers, Sara + Nick, and […]

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Meet Emma: a talented (now East Coast) photographer. Also a plant mom with a deep-rooted love for baking + poetry. During our session consult, we talked a lot about which of these pieces of Emma she’d like to highlight. Ultimately, it was the latter. So often, business owners focus on the image of their business […]

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“Creating a successful business starts with creating the right impression from the outset. A brand identity that reflects your strengths and aspirations; photography that showcases your products at their best; and content that ensure prospective customers can see you worth from the start”. – Fiona Humberstone You’re a creative business owner (a florist, shop owner, […]

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imagine this...

it's just you and your fiance.

You're nestled up by a fire at your family cabin, lakeside, with only the stars to accompany your sweet conversation over hot cocoa and Blue Moon.

you begin dreaming up your perfect wedding day.

Family, friends, and twinkle lights. Windblown hair. Hiking boots for adventurous photography. Cozy moments for just the two of you.
A dirty hem from dancing and making memories...
and smiles you just can't wipe off your faces.

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