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Associate Photographer | A Season of Change

Fall is a season of change, am I right? I’ve embraced this season with a couple big changes of my own.

The first? Welcoming our baby girl, Adelyn, into our world this September. I’ve fallen in love with this little girl and have learned so much in her short 7 weeks of life. Like how to survive on a few hours of sleep and how many cups of coffee I’ll need to make it until nap time. Coffee has become a legitimate food group in my diet. All joking aside, she’s been a wonderful addition and I can’t remember what 2:00 AM is like before waking up to her little smiles!

The second? A fresh new opportunity for this business of mine that’s been in the making for awhile now. I can’t wait to finally share! Let me take you back a few years. Hang in there! I was knee deep in planning our Enchanted Barn wedding and next on my to-do list was finding a photographer. I was searching for someone with a bright, clean look but more importantly, a photographer who was real and had a style that was authentic. I found Dani (Dani Stephenson Weddings) and almost immediately knew it was a perfect fit (I even tried bribing her to stay and have a Blue Moon with us after her shooting time was up). We had been in touch ever since and I jumped on the opportunity to work with her this past summer photographing some seriously stunning weddings (Like this one). At the first wedding together of the summer, we got out of our cars, looked each other up and down, and realized we showed up in the SAME. EXACT. DRESS. That was just one of many signs that we had a good thing going. Beyond our twinning abilities, we share a similar love of natural light and rustic venues. As the summer was nearing the end, Dani started talking about the number of inquiries flooding her inbox and how she was needing to turn away more weddings than she’d like. This is where things get REAL exciting over here, folks. I will be working for Dani Stephenson Weddings as an associate photographer. In the craziest full-circle kind of way, I will now be providing brides the same experience she provided me. What kind of experience is this? Working closely with brides to help plan wedding day timelines, shoot and edit timeless images they will look back on for years to come, and be there every step along the way. I’m now booking 2018 weddings and am ready to meet some pretty incredible couples!

To get in touch and inquire about associate pricing for Dani Stephenson Weddings, click here!

*As for my Alysa Rene Photography brides? Don’t worry! I am committed to delivering you an incredible experience and this opportunity will not impact your day in the slightest. Can’t wait to work with you!


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