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A Sugarland Wedding

As I had previously shared, last summer I chose photographer, Dani Stephenson, to capture my favorite moments of my own rustic wedding. I loved every minute of the planning, that day, and how I can now endlessly relive it through the photos she gifted us. Photography has always tugged at my heartstrings and this past fall I decided to take the leap. I officially launched Alysa Rene Photography (although I’ve been passionate about photography ever since I can remember), knowing that wedding photography was “it” for me and this business of mine. The heartfelt vows, the way the groom at his bride, the happy tears, the stunning white dresses, and the ability to feed my travel bug and explore new venues. The list goes on and on. I’m in, folks!

This summer, as fate would have it, I spent time with Dani Stephenson herself both assisting and second shooting gorgeous Wisconsin weddings. Keep scrolling to see a sneak peak of my second shooting work from Scott and Chelsea’s Sugarland Barn wedding. It was a stunner!

Primary Photographer: Dani Stephenson
Second Shooter: Alysa Rene Photography
Venue: Sugarland Barn

bride, groom, sugarland wedding

bride, groom, wedding, first look

bride, groom, walking, sugarland barn

bridal party, blud dresses, floral
bridal party, blud dresses, floral

wedding party, sugarland barn, bride, groom
groomsmen, wedding, groom
groomsmen, wedding, groom
wedding party, sunglasses

sugarland barn, details, table, centerpiece
table number, floral centerpiece, tablecloth

sugarland barn, chandelier
ceremony, tree, wooden doors
ceremony, tree, wooden doors
wedding guests, seated, sugarland barn
groom, first look

bride, groom, altar
vows, bride

bride, groom, couple, wooden doors

bride, backless dress, reception
reception, guests, sugarland barn
reception, guests, sugarland barn
sunset, bride, groom

bride, groom, married, first dance, sugarland barn

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