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3 Non-Traditional Ideas to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Let’s be honest – the second that ring lands on your finger, the sheer number of ideas and decisions that start to swirl through your mind can be straight up overwhelming. I’m talking about that Pinterest board with 2,312 pins, the opinions from (fill-in-the-blank), and the ideas that you’ve carried since you were 14 and dreaming up this day.

Well guess what? I’m here to drop a few more on you. I would apologize, but I promise I’m on your side (so I’m not even sorry!). I want to send along a little dose of inspiration to help you simplify your wedding day. It’s easy to get lost in all the glitter and gold the wedding industry likes to throw around. It doesn’t need to be that way! There are sooo many ways to craft a wedding day that has the white space you didn’t even know you needed. What do I mean by that? I mean a day that leaves room for casual mimosa-toasting with your closest gals, sunset walks with your new hubby, and plenty of time to dance the night away knowing you enjoyed every second that lead up to that moment. But just a heads up- this might mean leaving tradition in the dust for a moment or two.

So let’s dig in, shall we? Here are THREE (less traditional) ideas to consider when crafting your simplified wedding day:


This may be the most “controversial” choice brides are presented with. So many brides face that internal struggle between wanting the traditional “walking-down-the-aisle-moment” and opting-in for all the benefits the first look presents. First off- there is nothing that can take away that magical moment when you walk down the aisle and your soon-to-be hubby sees you for the first time. PROMISE. It’s gold. Second- a first look allows you to roll right into wedding party photos. Meaning you can check that off the list before the ceremony even begins. HELLO cocktail hour with all of your guests (both you and your wedding party will thank you)! No scrambling around trying to wrangle up that wedding party. The day is now yours to enjoy – Mingle away!


The most stress-free and laidback weddings I’ve ever experienced has this one element in common. They all had the ceremony and reception unfolding in the same venue/space. No need to arrange for transportation for the wedding party and figure out that sometimes awkward gap between the church ceremony and the start of cocktail hour. That’s right – walk out of the ceremony space and into cocktail hour. Guests can enjoy the space you’ve chosen with so much consideration. Bonus – you won’t have to worry about transporting items from a hotel to the church and back to the reception space. One and done!


Again- controversial. You want to personally thank every guest that came to celebrate with you (and if this is the route you’re going to take – I totally understand). But I’m here to present the alternative. Skip the line and let your guests head to the cocktail hour. You can run off and wrap up any loose ends with your photographer (last minute wedding party photos, family photos, etc.) and catch up with your guests after. When you’re done, you can then float around during cocktail hour (since you opted for a first look of course!) and mingle with all your guests during this time. *I’ve also found that the receiving line tends to take longer than anticipated. This means that this a point when many wedding day timelines fall a bit behind. Food for thought!

So there you have it – three different ideas to consider if you’re all about creating a day that is full of ease and free of headaches. This may mean straying from tradition a bit and thinking beyond the box you had created for yourself. But it juuust might be worth it. When in doubt – way the pros and cons, chat with your wedding vendors, and as always – do what’s best for YOU!

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